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We have been thrilled with all of the phone calls, meetings, and email contact we have had with the people of House District 46 and beyond. Meet the people who answer the phones, respond to emails, and keep my office running efficiently!

Amy Johnson: Legislative Aide

Amy Johnson

I am a recent graduate in Political Science and Women and Gender Studies from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I grew up in the Denver Metropolitan area, in Englewood. In college I was lucky enough to make many friends who hailed from Pueblo who gave me a glimpse at the tight-knit community you enjoy. I have nurtured an interest for government and politics since I was a child, I am especially passionate about the intersectionality of inequality. Through internships with local and national groups that work through state legislatures I have grown a deep interest in the possibilities of state government. This is one of many reasons why I am thrilled to be working with Rep. Esgar and our team at the Capitol this session. Every day I learn more and more about the unique culture Pueblo County has cultivated and the passionate people who call it home. It is an honor to serve your community with a dedicated public servant like Rep. Esgar.

Keith Karnes: Intern

Keith Karnes

Hello, my name is Keith Karnes and I am a senior Political Science Major with a minor in Spanish and Homeland Security at Colorado State University Pueblo. I have also been a collegiate wrestler for the university for the past four years. I have had an emphasis international relations and comparative politics throughout my years as a political science student. I have also taken an interest in our United States Congress and the entire legislative process my senior year. I am planning on utilizing my skills I have developed through my experiences as a Political Science student as I pursue law school in the fall semester. My career goals have always been to practice and study law, however somewhere down the road I hope to serve in our state or national legislatures to help enact real policy change.I am so excited to be able to work with Representative Esgar, and her amazing staff in my home district of my University. It will be fascinating to witness what impacts she will make for the Pueblo community this legislative session.

Mary Ricker: Intern

Mary Ricker

Hi! My name is Mary Ricker and I am a senior journalism and political science student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. I transferred to CSU from Pikes Peak Community College in Fall 2014, and expanding access to affordable, high-quality higher education is a huge interest of mine. After I graduate in December, I hope to go on to grad school to study political public relations. I am so excited to join Rep. Esgar this semester, and look forward to learning more about Colorado government.

Tommy Farrell: Volunteer


My name is Tommy and I’m a volunteer for Representative Esgar and House District 46.  I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Colorado State University – Pueblo. In the past, I have worked as a legislative aide in the Colorado State Senate and am happy to return to the capitol to help Representative Esgar. I’ve known Representative Esgar for many years and have been excited to support her through this journey. As a Pueblo native, I am happy to serve the people of Pueblo and district 46!

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