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Wednesday marked the end of the 70th session of Colorado’s General Assembly. As I close my first term as the Representative from House District 46, I reflect on the hard work the  legislature has put in to support and improve the state of Colorado. I am so proud of the work I have gotten to do, in the last two years I was the sponsor of 15 bills that were signed into law. There were even more bills that unfortunately did not make it into statute, many of which I will continue to advocate for and fight to pass when I return to the Capitol next January.

I’ve learned so much in the last two years and I am excited to return to Pueblo for the interim. I look forward to hosting various events in our community to meet with friends and constituents and hear about your lives. I will continue to update you on what I am working on around Pueblo and around our state.

Thank you for all of your support this year, I could not have done it without the calls, letters, emails, meetings, and social media engagement. I am honored to serve as the Representative for House District 46 and I look forward to continuing to work at this capacity to stand up for Pueblo and southern Colorado.


Where are my bills?

Passed into Law:
  • HB16-1005 Rain Barrels
  • HB16-1081 Obsolete Reporting Dept. of Health Care Policy and Financing
  • HB16-1100 Define Tuition Status Unaccompanied Homeless Youth
  • HB16-1265 Expunge Arrest Records Based on Mistaken Identity
  • HB16-1289 Incentives to Complete Career Development Courses
  • HB16-1290 Extend Transitional Jobs Program
  • HB16-1393 Search Warrant for Communicable Disease Testing
  • SB16-068 Hunters Safety Pink
  • SB16-146 Modernize Statutes Sexually Transferred Infections
  • SB16-150 Marriages by Individuals in Civil Unions
Postponed Indefinitely:
  • HB16-1136 Multiple Crew Members Required for Freight Trains
  • HB16-1294 Contraception Coverage Public and Private Insurance
  • SB16-060 State Fiscal Responsibility for Providing Courts
  • SB16-109 State Patrol Facility in Pueblo
  •  HB16-1376 Expand Authority of Office of Consumer Counsel
  • HB16-1447 State Fair Funding


Workforce Development to be signed by the Governor

One of the priorities this session was preparing and equipping Coloradans for in-demand jobs. Of the 10 Ready to Work bills introduced this session, I was the sponsor of HB16-1289 and HB16-1290. These bills cultivate a skilled workforce to fill in-demand jobs. One program I have seen the merit of first hand is the ReHire Colorado Program, which has been incredibly successful in Pueblo County. It connects individuals to wage-paid training programs to foster skills and prepare them to reenter the workforce. I sponsored the renewal of this program. These bills will be signed into law in Pueblo later on May 27th, I will update you all on the event details, I would love to have you join me.


Rain Barrels

Yesterday Gov. Hickenlooper signed HB16-1005 into law. Colorado was one of the only states in the nation that outlawed residential rain water collection, but come August Coloradans are legally able to use and conserve in rain barrels. This bill gained a lot of traction in Colorado and across the country, it is the type of common sense legislation that people can get behind. After it was postponed indefinitely last year, we came back fighting and created a bill that ensures that Colorado’s water users are protected while allowing those who desire conserving in rain barrels to do so.


Homeless Youth In-State Tuition

Throughout my first term in the legislature I have worked to protect Colorado’s vulnerable populations. Despite a similar bill being postponed indefinitely last year, we got through legislation that helps remove road blocks from homeless youths desiring a college education. I am really proud of the bill Rep. Brittany Petterson and I passed, I look forward to Governor Hickenlooper signing it into law next week. With in-state tuition, a college degree can be more attainable and accessible to homeless youth who want to better themselves through higher education.


Expunging Arrest Records based on Mistaken Identity

This year Colorado became the second state in the nation to enshrine in statute that the arrest records of innocent individuals arrested because of a mistaken identity will be automatically expunged at no cost to the individual. Part of the Rebuilding Trust package, HB16-1365 is common sense measure ensures that an arrest of this nature will not follow around an innocent person for the rest of their lives.


Fighting to Fund the State Fair

The State Fair is a crown jewel in Colorado. This year, I  worked to secure funding to renovate the State Fair Horse Arena. After passage in the House, HB16-1447 died in the Senate Finance Committee. Sometimes progress takes time, and I will continue to fight for funding for the 144 year long tradition that is the State Fair.


Contraception Equity

Another bill that was unfortunately stopped before it could become law was HB16-1294. This legislation aligned state statute with the Affordable Care Act and ensured that the form of contraception that a woman and her doctor choose would be covered by her insurance at no cost. Despite being postponed indefinitely this year, I will continue to fight for contraceptive coverage and for women’s rights to quality health care.


Office of Consumer Counsel Expansion

The Office of Consumer Counsel exists to ensure that all consumers have an advocate. HB16-1376 aimed to expand the Office, securing more protections for consumers of publicly owned utilities. After passage in the House, this bill died in the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee.


Requiring two person crews on freight trains

Another bill that garnered massive community support was HB16-1136, a bill requiring that a freight train must have a two person crew on board while it is moving. I received an outpouring of support from the rail road community, they were invaluable in helping me move this legislation through the House. Despite the support it drew, the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee decided on a party line vote to stop the bill before it could make it to the Senate for consideration. I am proud of the work we put in on this bill and I plan to continue advocating for rail safety during my legislative career.




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