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Pueblo Cinco de Mayo Parade
March with me and other community leaders!
May 7, 2016
9:00 AM
Meet us at 8th and Erie, we’ll end at Bradford Park
Wear your shirts and bring your signs!

Dear Friends,

We are just days away from wrapping up the 70th session of the Colorado General Assembly on May 11th. The last few months have been a blur of meetings, community engagement, and hard work. We have some late nights and hundreds of bills waiting for us before we call it a wrap, but the work of improving our state is such a pleasure that you will not find any complaints from me.

The last two years have been full of learning. I am proud of the things we have accomplished as a community. You are your best advocate and it has been a privilege to work with you to better Pueblo and all of House District 46. We’ve accomplished a lot and I have worked diligently to advocate for Pueblo’s schools, businesses, and people at the state level.

Though the session is wrapping up, I will continue to update you on my work at the Capitol and in our community through newsletters and social media. I look forward to returning to Pueblo for the next eight months, I will be hosting some town halls and community coffees so look out for those events over the summer. Though the session is nearing an end, please continue to use me as a resource.

Where are my bills?

Passed into Law:
  • HB16-1005 Rain Barrels
  • HB16-1081 Obsolete Reporting Dept. of Health Care Policy and Financing
  • HB16-1100 Define Tuition Status Unaccompanied Homeless Youth
  • HB16-1265 Expunge Arrest Records Based on Mistaken Identity
  • SB16-068 Hunters Safety Pink
Still Moving:
  • HB16-1289 Incentives to Complete Career Development Courses
  • HB16-1290 Extend Transitional Jobs Program
  • HB16-1376 Expand Authority of Office of Consumer Counsel
  • HB16-1393 Search Warrant for Communicable Disease Testing
  • HB16-1447 State Fair Funding
  • SB16-146 Modernize Statutes Sexually Transferred Infections
  • SB16-150 Marriages by Individuals in Civil Unions
Postponed Indefinitely:
  • HB16-1136 Multiple Crew Members Required for Freight Trains
  • HB16-1294 Contraception Coverage Public and Private Insurance
  • SB16-060 State Fiscal Responsibility for Providing Courts
  • SB16-109 State Patrol Facility in Pueblo

Join us for the Rain Barrel Bill Signing

Our most well known bill will be signed in the Governor’s own back yard! Join rain barrel enthusiasts from across the state to celebrate our new law legalizing residential rain water collection and storage.

Thursday May 12, 2016
The Colorado Governor’s Mansion
400 E. 8th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

Fighting to Fund the State Fair

Events at the State Fair Grounds brings people from every corner of Colorado to Pueblo. And we know that the 11 day event brings a sense of pride and opportunity to our community every year. At the Capitol, I get a lot of push back about the Fair Grounds lack of self-sustainability. This bill aims to invest in the Fair Grounds Horse Arena by completing much needed renovations which will make it more competitive in drawing Horse shows and equestrian competitions to Pueblo rather than losing them to Douglas County’s Fair Grounds or to other states. The funds from the state will be matched by generous donations from the State Fair Foundation and community partners. Restoring the arena to its former glory will help raise substantial revenue for the Fair Grounds every year, right now it brings in a quarter of a million dollars annually. Your support in securing this funding is so important. Reach out to your legislators to voice your support!

Work Force Development Bills moving through the Senate

This year legislature agreed to prioritize work force development. The Ready to Work package is made up of 10 bills with sponsors from both parties, of these 10 bills I am the sponsor of 2. These bills were approved by the House a few weeks ago and have been steadily moving through the Senate. Last week my bills to extend the ReHire Colorado program and incentivize completion of career development courses sailed through the Senate Business, Labor, and Technology Committee and the Senate Education Committee. Both bills were approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee this morning. Now that they have cleared this hurdle, they are awaiting a vote by the Senate. These are such important bills to Pueblo and to Colorado, I am pleased with their initial success and I think they will continue to gain momentum in the Senate.

Demin Day at the Capitol

Denim day is an international day of activism to stand up against sexual assault and stand up for survivors. As part of sexual assault awareness month, many of Colorado’s legislators donned denim to raise funds and awareness to combat sexual violence. Learn more about denim day here.

Expanding Consumer Protections

HB16-1376 is a bill I’m on with Rep. Faith Winter (D-Westminster) and Sen. Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora). The aim of this legislation is to strengthen the Office of Consumer Council which is integral in protecting Colorado’s consumers. This bill passed the House this morning, 33-32.

Thank you!

As this legislative session winds down I am reflecting on the last two years as the Representative for House District 46. I am incredibly grateful to my community for entrusting me with this job. Advocating for Pueblo and Southern Colorado is something that I love to do. From the help I received in getting elected, to all of the phone calls and emails, town halls attended, and all of the visits from community members, these last two years have been so memorable. Thank you for being my constituent and a member of my community.


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