2017 Session Kick-Off

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Dear  Friend,  

The 71st Colorado General Assembly is officially here and I am ready to get to work. As my 120 days in Denver commences, I am humbled that the people of my hometown have entrusted me to serve on their behalf for another two years. This is the greatest honor and I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to fight for our community and our state.

The work that lies ahead of us is extensive, yet my colleagues and I are striving to work across the aisle and deliver meaningful results to the citizens of Colorado. Simply put, working in bipartisan coalitions is our only way to get work done. All 10 laws I passed last year were the result of working together.

This being said, after hearing the opening day speeches of House Minority Leader Neville and Senate President Grantham lines may have been drawn. I will never sacrifice the well being of anyone who calls my state or my community home. Divisiveness will not be tolerated, targeting will not be tolerated. To be elected to serve Colorado is a responsibility to serve all of Colorado. I am ready and willing to fight for Coloradans of all genders, creeds, races, sexual orientations, ages, and socioeconomic statuses. I know I can count on you to join me in this fight.

Though I am spending more time in Denver for my legislative work, my door is always open. You are my boss: give me a call, send me an email, attend a town hall, or simply stop in. I am always thrilled to have constituents and friends in the Capitol and my office and I will do all we can to accommodate you during your visit. I look forward to hosting various delegations from Pueblo, from high school students to steel workers. If you are interested in joining me in Denver, call Amy at 303-866-2968 to get a visit on my calendar.


Pueblo Chile is coming to the State Capitol 

One bill I am introducing this year is for the Pueblo Chile license plate. This is the result of a community effort that County Commissioner McFayden, the Pueblo Chile Growers Association, and I started this summer that has garnered support from all over the state. Locally, we know what a cultural and culinary gem Pueblo chile is. It is only right for all Coloradans to share in our pride and enjoyment. If you haven’t already, please sign the petition below. It does not obligate you to buy a license plate but it will get us one step closer to the required 3,000 signatures. Check my facebook page, twitter, and newsletters to stay updated on the effort to make Pueblo Chile license plates a reality.

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