Creating good jobs

In some of our Pueblo neighborhoods, 5 out of every 10 families live below the federal poverty level. Our unemployment rate is still one of the highest in the state. Our city has the highest utility rates and insurance rates in Colorado. Our schools receive failing grades, but lower per pupil funding than wealthier communities. And, our university just eliminated a number of jobs – costing this community millions of dollars. Now is the time to demand that Pueblo deserves better.

Like she always has, Daneya will fight for Pueblo. As a legislator, she will work on public policy that brings jobs to our community. Not just any jobs, but jobs that come with the right to bargain for a real living wage; jobs that provide access to health care; and jobs that support real working families.

There are people in Pueblo who want to work, but can’t find a job. Men and woman who are on the job search every day. Let’s bring state contracts to Pueblo. Let’s push for the Southwest Chief to use Steel City to make their rail! Let’s create public policy that makes it easier to be a small business owner because small businesses create good and stable jobs and improve our community.

Energy Costs

High utility rates impact all of us, but especially senior adults on a fixed income. They create budget problems for our City government and even local schools. They make it very hard to run a small business.  The good news is that there is real work that can be done at the state legislature to fix Pueblo’s high utility rates. We need legislation that enables real people to set these rates – instead of a Public Utility Commission that is filled with representatives from corporate energy. We need legislation that restructures how energy companies can charge us each month.

Education Funding

Our schools are failing our children. In a recent report, over half of our schools in Pueblo scored a “D” or and “F.” Schools in Pueblo receive less money for students than wealthier school districts. Yet, we continue to have reforms that mandate more testing and weaken teacher unions – with very little positive results. Daneya will fight for real reform of our how our schools are funded, so we can work to fix our education problem.

These issues of education funding extend to our university. Just recently we watched as a state wide university system came into Pueblo and decided for us, what our community needed and didn’t need. The system wants to shrink our university and focus on counties with different demographics and higher annual incomes. We need a Colorado that invests in Pueblo – not a Colorado that takes away from us.