2016 Session: Week One

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This week, the citizens of Colorado saw the opening session of the 70th General Assembly. I am so honored to be representing my hometown and the community that I love as my colleagues and I work to protect and improve the Colorado way of life. In the next 120 days at the Capitol, I strive to uphold the values of Pueblo County and ensure that my constituency’s needs are not only brought to attention, but cared for.

Though the session has just begun, I have been hard at work on many bills that support the communities of Pueblo County. I am a prime sponsor of HB16-1005, a bill to allow residents to collect rain water in barrels for personal use. It is one of the first five bills introduced to the House of Representatives this year, and you can learn more about it here. This bill has been one of my passion projects since I first started in the Legislature and I submitted a similar bill last year.

Some other projects I am spearheading include expanding the Public Utility Commission from three to five members. Last year I sponsored a similar bill that was successful in the House, but was stopped in the Senate. I am excited to run this bill again, energy costs are such an important issue in Pueblo County and I want to make sure the Commission has regional representation that will look out for our community. I am also laying the groundwork for a bill that will enhance the Office of Consumer Counsel, which represents the public interests to the PUC. Last year I fought hard to protect this Office from being eliminated and the bill I’m working on will enhance what the OCC can do and the authority they have to protect energy consumers.

Another bill that is a high priority for me is the proposal to secure funding to continue the ReHire Colorado program. This was created in 2013 to provide resources to Coloradans such as job-skills training and supportive services all while doing wage-paid work. This program works to stabilize individuals and their families which is stimulating to local economies. There will be a press conference in Pueblo on this proposal in the coming weeks, which I encourage all to attend.

As the first week draws to a close I look forward to hearing policy proposals in my committees: the Health, Insurance, and Environment committee and the Transportation and Energy Committee. The work I do at the Capitol in these coming months depends on your input and every phone call, email, and meeting helps me do this job that I love. I encourage everyone who is passionate about an issue to reach out to my office and tell me about it, how it affects you and the community that we share.

It is getting busy here at the Capitol, which makes the time that I spend in Pueblo County so valuable to me. I will be hosting many events in the next few months for you, the people of Pueblo, to come speak with me and tell me about your lives and the laws that affect you. I hope that you will sign up for my newsletters and follow me on Facebook and Twitter so I can share these community forums and news of my work with you. As always, we’re on this journey together, so if you need anything please contact my office. You can email us at daneya.esgar.house@state.co.us or call at 303-866-2968.

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