HB17-1012: Pueblo Chile License Plate
Sponsors: Rep. Esgar
Status: Passed House on 3/01/17, passed the Senate on 4/11/17, signed by the Governor

  • Concerning the creation of the Pueblo Chile License Plate.

HB17-1122: Gender Identification on Birth Certificate
Sponsors: Rep. Esgar, Sen. Moreno
Status: Passed House 3/15/17, postponed indefinitely by Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee on 3/27/17

  • Concerning the issuance of a new birth certificate with a gender designation that differs from the gender designated on the person’s original birth certificate.

HB17-1144: Amend Capitol Construction Automatic Funding Mechanism
Sponsors: Rep. Esgar, Sen. Baumgardner
Status: Passed House on 3/7/17, passed Senate on 3/28/17, Governor signed 4/13/17

  • Concerning amendments to the automatic cash fund funding mechanism for payment of future costs attributable to certain of the state’s capital assets.

HB17-1230: Protect Colorado Residents From Federal Government Overreach
Sponsors: Reps. Esgar, Salazar; Sens. Guzman, Kagan
Status: Passed House on 3/30/17, postponed indefinitely by Senate Judiciary on 4/10/17

  • Concerning protection for Colorado residents from federal government overreach based on a person’s status.

HB17-1286: State Employee Health Carrier Requirements
Sponsors: Rep. Esgar; Sen. Crowder
Status: Awaiting 3rd reading in the House

  • Concerning contract requirements for health insurance carriers that offer health benefits to state employees.

HB17-1317: State Historical Society Authority To Sell Property
Sponsors: Reps. Esgar and Hansen; Sens. Kefalas and Baumgardner
Status: Passed House 4/26/17, assigned to Senate Finance

  • Concerning the authority of the state historical society to dispose of real property located on the former Lowry Air Force base.

HB17-1322: Domestic Violence Reports By Medical Professionals
Sponsors: Reps. Esgar and Landgraf; Sen. Donovan
Status: Awaiting 2nd reading in the House

  • Concerning an exception to the requirement that certain medical professionals report to law enforcement concerning injuries resulting from domestic violence.

HB17-1323: PUC Ethics Add Consumer Protection
Sponsors: Rep. Esgar; Sens. Garcia and Cooke
Status: Assigned to House Appropriations

  • Concerning  measures to enhance the consumer protection mission of the Colorado public utilities commission, and, in connection therewith, prohibiting a person with recent connections to a regulated utility from serving on the commission, requiring the appointment of an ethics ombudsman, and providing for periodic performance audits.

HB17-1339: Colorado Energy Impact Assistance Act
Sponsors: Reps. Esgar and Hansen
Status: Awaiting second reading in the House

  • Concerning authorization for the issuance of low-cost ratepayer-backed bonds, and creation of the Colorado energy impact assistance authority to mitigate the impacts of power plant retirements on Colorado workers and communities.

HB17-1356: Treat Economic Development Income Tax Credits Differently
Sponsors: Speaker Duran and Rep. Esgar
Status: Assigned to House Appropriations

  • Concerning the temporary authority of the Colorado economic development commission to allow certain businesses to treat specific existing income tax credits differently.

SB17-030: Exempt Injectable Anabolic Steroids for Cattle
Sponsors: Sen. Baumgardner, Rep. Esgar
Status: Passed Senate 2/1/17, Passed House 3/3/17, Governor signed 3/16/17

  • Concerning the exemption from the schedules of controlled substances any anabolic steroid that is administered through injection into nonhuman species.

SB17-074: Create Medication-assisted Treatment Pilot Program 
Sponsors: Sen. Garcia, Rep. Esgar
Status: Passed Senate 3/22/17, assigned to House Appropriations

  • Concerning the creation of a pilot program in certain areas of the state experiencing high levels of opioid addiction to award grants to increase access to addiction treatment.

SB17-084: Coverage for Drugs In A Health Coverage Plan
Sponsors: Sen. Jahn, Reps. Esgar and Singer
Status: Postponed indefinitely on 2/9/17 by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee

  • Concerning a prohibition against excluding a drug from a health coverage plan if the drug had been approved for coverage by the plan for coverage of the enrollee at the time the enrollee enrolled in the plan.

SB17-105: Consumer Right to Know Electric Utility Charges
Sponsors: Sen. Garcia; Reps. Esgar, Becker K.
Status: Passed Senate 2/23/17, passed House 4/19/17, sent to the Governor

  • Concerning consumers’ right to know their electric utility charges by requiring investor-owned electric utilities to provide their customers with a comprehensive breakdown of cost on their monthly bills.

SB17-153: Southwest Chief And Front Range Rail Commission
Sponsors: Sens. Crowder, Garcia; Rep. Esgar
Status: Passed Senate on 2/23/17, passed House on 4/18/17, sent to the Governor

  • Concerning establishment of the southwest chief and front range passenger rail commission to oversee the preservation and expansion of Amtrak southwest chief rail service in Colorado and facilitate the development and operation of a front range passenger rail system that provides passenger rail service in and along the interstate 25 corridor.

SB17-180: Public Utilities Commission Streamlined Enforcements Of Motor Carriers
Sponsors: Sens. Cooke; Rep. Esgar
Status: Passed Senate on 4/11/17, assigned to House Appropriations

  • Concerning a streamlined approach for the enforcement of regulations governing motor carriers in matters before the public utilities commission.

SB17-202: Species Conservation Trust Fund Projects
Sponsors: Sen. Coram; Rep. Esgar
Status: Introduced to House 4/12/17, assigned to Appropriations

  • Concerning measures to conserve native species in Colorado, and, in connection therewith, making appropriations from the species conservation trust fund for purposes recommended by the department of natural resources.

SB17-282: Dedicate Reservoir Release Environmental Purposes
Sponsors: Sen. Sonnenberg; Reps. Esgar and McKean
Status: Postposed indefinitely on 4/20/17 by Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy

  • Concerning the dedication of reservoir releases for environmental purposes.


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