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“…Esgar has a vision for a better Pueblo that includes more jobs, better education, and state policies that work for all families.”

A Pueblo native, with a proven track record of fighting for Pueblo, Daneya Esgar, announced her bid to represent Pueblo, as the next Colorado State House Representative for House District 46, on January 21, 2014, from the United Steel Workers Union Hall, located at 1414 E. Evans Ave.

A graduate of Pueblo City Schools and Colorado State University-Pueblo, Esgar has worked her entire career to better this community: whether advocating for Pueblo news as a television news producer; working with first-generation university or community college students; or, as a community organizer focusing on communities of poverty and communities of color here in Pueblo.

Esgar has been a familiar face in recent community struggles. She has been an advocate for working families, including the fight against the Pueblo City School Board when they changed decent paying custodial jobs into cheap private labor. Esgar has worked closely with local families throughout the community who have sought to improve local law enforcement. She is well-known on the grassroots level for her hands-on work on issues of equality, education, justice, and poverty within the community. Esgar has a record of listening to the community and transforming those needs into sound public policy that is good for Pueblo’s families.

Serving at the Colorado State House, Esgar will utilize her passion and experience to advocate for her community. Her leadership at the State level is crucial for Pueblo, as northern Colorado communities seek to deprive Pueblo of everything from the state fair to university funding. Esgar is a proven champion for Pueblo and her bold leadership will protect Pueblo from outside interests.

Esgar has a vision for a better Pueblo that includes more jobs, better education, and state policies that work for all families.

A New Era of Local Leadership

Esgar: Always ready ‘to speak out’ against injustice

[From the Pueblo Chieftain] There is a point at which Daneya Esgar will say, “Enough.” And it’s her willingness to take a stand at that point that has defined her relatively young life. “It always comes from the heart,” the 34-year-old said recently. “I try hard not to be confrontational. I believe in talking things through. But if there is something wrong, damn right I’m going to speak out.” The born-and-raised Puebloan — she is the great-granddaughter of the late Police Chief Bob Mayber and the granddaughter of two steelworkers — found her voice while a student at South High School. “I was friends with a boy who was openly gay, no apologies, and when he came under criticism, I would organize people around him to support him,” she said.

“There were other issues. It was a time when there were a lot of teenage pregnancies at South,and when other students would treat them like they really were not people, I would jump in and say, ‘Hey, not everyone knows their circumstances or what they’re going through.’

“I just can’t stand by and be quiet when someone is unfairly critical.” It also was at South that she discovered what she thought would be her life’s career: Journalism. Working for the student paper, she stirred things up. Once, she wrote a scathing article about a controversy involving a student from a well-known Pueblo family.

“The administration threatened me, saying they wouldn’t let me graduate if I didn’t reveal my sources,” she said. “I didn’t and I graduated.” You might have the impression at this point that Esgar is some loudmouth, imposing figure that just likes being militant. That is not the case.

Small in stature and soft-spoken, Esgar insists that she prefers dialogue, likes discussing controversial issues in hopes of finding mutual ground. “I believe you can disagree and still get along,” she said.

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